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Tenglong electronic instrument new website is officially launched.

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Wenzhou Tenglong Electronic Instrument Co., Ltd. was founded in 1985, specializing in the development and production of industrial automation instruments and equipment. Its "Tenglong" brand products mainly include electronic accumulator counter, preset counter, timer, meter, time relay, current relay, speed controller, tachometer, linear speed line, alarm, length sensor, control box series products, and undertake the design, development and manufacture of related products.

Our company has accumulated more than 20 years of manufacturing experience, always adhere to the market-oriented, innovative as the fundamental purpose, so that the "Tenglong" brand products continue to push out the old series of new products, involving more and more fields, in textiles, plastics, rubber, printing, packaging, wire and cable, scientific research equipment and other industries have been widely used. Application and win good reputation.

Electronic meter can be widely used in packaging, printing, pharmaceutical, food, textile, paper, ceramics, petroleum, chemical, metallurgical and other industries for film, cloth, paper, wire length meter display, meter alarm, meter control.

Tenglong Electronic Instrument

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