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What are the requirements for the sound and light alarm in setting up the instal

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The sound and light alarm (also called sound and light alarm) is an alarm signal device used in dangerous places to send warning signals to people through sound and various lights. The explosion-proof sound and light alarm is suitable for installation in explosive gas environment with IIC class T6 temperature group. It can also be used in explosion-proof areas of Zone 1 and Zone 2 with explosion-proof requirements in petroleum, chemical and other industries. It can also be used in open air and outdoor. The non-coding type can be used with fire alarm controllers of any manufacturer at home and abroad. When an accident such as an accident or fire occurs at the production site, the control signal sent by the fire alarm controller activates the sound and light alarm circuit to emit an audible and visual alarm signal to complete the alarm. It can also be used with the manual alarm button to achieve simple sound and light alarm purposes. This product meets the requirements of GB3836 series standard (satisfying GB3836.1-2000 "General requirements for explosion-proof electrical equipment for explosive atmospheres" and GB3836.2-2000 "Explosion-proof electrical equipment explosion-proof type "d"" standard), by country The designated testing organization has identified and obtained an explosion-proof certificate. The alarm housing is made of stainless steel, the lamp housing has strong impact resistance, 180 clear and super bright LED tube, equipped with super buzzer, stable operation, long service life, low power consumption, free from pollutants. And the effects of water and other characteristics.

Set the installation requirements:

1. Fire and sound alarms should be installed at the safety exit of each fire zone. The location should be located on the walkway of each floor near the exit of the stairs.

2. For protection objects with multiple alarm areas, fire alarms with voice prompts should be used, and the voice should be synchronized.

3. When multiple fire alarms are installed in the same building, it should be able to start and stop all fire alarms at the same time.

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