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Simple to understand: Smoke alarm purchase:

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Because the ion smoke alarm is sensitive to small particles, there is a faster response when cooking. If you have encountered this type of problem, you have the following options:

1. Install the smoke alarm far away from the cooking place, then the smoke particles will become much weaker when they reach the alarm. If you choose this method, you should know the direction of the air flow. Otherwise, it will not work.

2. Install a photoelectric smoke alarm. When a fire occurs with smaller particles, you may lose the chance of an earlier alarm, but you also save the trouble of multiple smoke alarms failing.

3. Install an ion/photoelectric combined smoke alarm. If the two sensors are combined, the sensitivity of the ion sensor can be set smaller, so the device will reduce false alarms, and you can have a raging fire that spreads fast and a smoldering fire that spreads slowly. Larger sensitivity smoke alarm.

4. Install an ion smoke alarm with mute function. This way you can reduce the sensitivity of the alarm for 15 minutes and avoid harsh alarms when smoking or cooking.

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