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Scope of application:

It is widely used in packaging, food, textile, printing, medical, financial, transportation and other mechanical equipment. The governor can be matched with single-phase speed-regulating motors of YTCJ series, 51K100PCK type and 41K25RA-C type from abroad.

Product holding point:

SCT type electronic stepless speed controller is a new type of speed control product which synthesizes the advanced technology of similar products abroad and is refined and developed.

Main technical parameters:

Rated voltage: single phase AC 220V 50HZ

Working voltage range: rated voltage 85-110%

Speed range: 1:30

Speed accuracy: 5%

Working environment temperature: 10 + 50 C (no condensate).

Maximum power: 150W

Usage and maintenance:

Please connect according to the wiring diagram correctly.

When the governor is working normally, the indicator lamp on the drawing board is always shining.

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