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Solar warning light

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Main features:

With high brightness LED as the light source, it is energy-saving, reliable and durable.

The monocrystalline silicon solar panel converts the absorbed light into electricity, charges, stores, and drives the light-controlled circuit for the built-in rechargeable lithium batteries, performs a luminous warning function, and stores the excess power as a backup.

Under long-term rainy conditions, such as insufficient battery energy, you can use built-in MICRO USB socket interface and universal mobile phone charger to connect AC220V to charge the battery.

The service life is more than ten years.


JTL-7X series LED solar warning lights are mainly used for high-rise buildings, power towers, radio and television and microwave communication towers, high chimneys, bridge towers, exploration collocation, ship navigation and aircraft runway, construction sites, parking lots, airports, crossings, etc., lack of power and explosion-proof places as flares. The solar warning lamp is the most suitable place for shutting off the light source automatically during the day.


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