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Machine tool working lights JML-5/JML-6

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Ultra-high brightness LED as the luminous body, multi-layer structure, five kinds of lampshade color can be combined arbitrarily, ultra-durable, with more than five years of life, no change of bulbs, set sound alarm and flash alarm as one, can also be independent for flash alarm, and beautiful shape, low price.

Main technical parameters:

Voice production: signal, alarm, and music.

Rated voltage: DC12V, 24V, AC110V and 220V.

Working voltage range: 85~110% of rated voltage.

Working temperature: -20~+50 C.

Wiring mode: lead type.

Color of lampshade: red, yellow, green, orchid, white.

Power consumption: less than 5W.

Machine tool working lights JML-5/JML-6

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