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RF-1 lubrication system controller

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The program controller of lubrication system is a programmed and digitized integration according to the working steps of the oil pump and the fault state. It has the functions of controlling the running time of the oil pump, stopping interval time, warning indication of the oil circuit fault, and displaying the running and stopping time. It can control the oil pump to start and stop in time. Control the oil input balance, ensure the smooth oil circuit, maintain the normal operation of equipment to play a good control effect.

Function setting operation method

1. Hold down the "Settings" key, 5 seconds later into the oil pump motor running time setting state, at this time the operation of the indicator lights, a single-digit tube flicker, press the delta key can make the scintillation digit tube plus 1. The button can move the flicker bit to the left and set the number of bits, ten bits and hundred bits in turn, that is, the setting value of the motor running time.

2. After setting the running time, press the "Setting Key" to enter the setting state of the stopping time of the motor of the oil pump. At this time, the stop indicator is on. The setting method is the same as above.

3. After the motor stop time is set, press the "Setting Key" oil pump motor to enter the normal working state, and the oil pump will start running according to the program.

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