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Electrostatic eliminator

Electrostatic eliminator


TJD electrostatic eliminator uses high-power transistor oscillation to produce 3KHZ sinusoidal wave. After transformer boost, the output peak value is 9-13KV high voltage. This high voltage connects the discharger and generates alternating electric field on the discharger, so that the original electrostatic objects can be eliminated by this alternating electric field.

This product is suitable for matching printing machine, paper machine, plastic wire drawing machine, blow molding machine, cutting machine, bag making machine and other machinery.


1. Switching regulated power supply is used to replace the heavy power frequency transformer, and the output high voltage is not affected by the fluctuation of power supply voltage.

2. The structure is light, easy to operate, high reliability, stable performance, over-current and over-voltage protection in the circuit, reasonable design.

3. when a short circuit occurs between the high voltage and the ground, the high voltage will obviously weaken, and the machine will not be damaged. The output high voltage is continuously adjustable by 9kv~13kv and can be used continuously for a long time.

4. The process of ionizing the gas under high pressure will produce negative oxygen ions, which is beneficial to the health of workers, but there will be no obvious ozone component.

Conditions of use:

Ambient temperature: -10 C ~+40 C

Relative humidity: < 80%

The workplace has no flammable gas or other inflammable substances.

technical parameter

Working voltage range: 80 to 10% of rated voltage.

Discharge gauge specification (length)

Input voltage: AC 220V 50Hz

Power consumption: less than 30 watts

Output voltage: sine wave is about f=3KHz Um=9kv~13kv continuously adjustable.

Volume: 230 x 157 x 110 (mm)

Weight of high voltage generator: 4kg

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