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Electronic pneumatic powder spraying device

pk_hits:       date:2018-10-26

1. Overview: Offset powder injection is an important factor to determine the success of offset printing; in order to meet the growing demand of high-end offset printing industry at home and abroad, our company has developed TPH-3D series of intelligent electronic pneumatic powder injection device, and obtained national patent (patent number: ZL201020146057.X). The device features advanced functions, easy operation, fine powder injection, light ink and heavy color are suitable, simple maintenance, reasonable price, high and medium offset press can be configured.

2. technical characteristics:

The spraying volume can be adjusted from 0.1% to 99%, which can save 70% of the powder consumption compared with the old type duster.

* with air curtain structure, limiting dust flying, and obviously reducing the pollution of printing machine and surrounding environment;

By adding powder, no downtime is needed; the powder box has the function of powder heating and moistureproof.

According to the speed of printing machine and the size of the paper, automatically adjust the amount of powder injection.

Less powder alarm, low air pressure alarm, and timely understanding of working conditions.

3. Suitable models: Suitable for all kinds of imported, domestic high and medium offset press, gravure printing press, etc. which require high quality and effect of powder spraying. The imported offset presses have been successfully converted to Heidelberg, KOMORI, Roland, gaobao and MITSUBISHI.

The overall structure and installation dimensions of the 4. dusting device

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