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Jdms Series Big screen Display

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JDMS series custom large screen display

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JDMS series multi-purpose large screen display and controller is developed to meet the needs of long-distance observation and control in industrial automation production. Variety shows: linear speed, length, counting, timing, inkstone, turning unit to display belt control assembly: only high precision, strong anti-interference, intuitive, convenient and so on; widely used in printing, packaging, plastic, food, metallurgical production lines and all need long-distance observation data, automatic control of students The production process.


It has 4 inches (high 122mml, 5 inch high 140MMILED digital tube display optional):

One side display and two sided display optional.

Equipped with buzzer alarm.

Parameter remote control setting.

Reversible counting meter function. Four ways of input: A, B, C, D;

Two output: AL1, AL2:

.12 output type: F, N, R, C, K1, K2, 0, A, D, H, L:

With power outage memory function. Data can be maintained for more than ten years.

.8 timing mode, decimal or sixty binary timing mode optional.

Customized supporting units can be customized according to different requirements of users.

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