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Electronic accumulative timer

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Function brief introduction:

The electronic accumulator is mainly composed of timing circuit, data storage circuit, high brightness LED display, with strong anti-interference, high accuracy, long life, eye-catching and beautiful features; can be widely used in machinery, machine tools, large-scale equipment, instrumentation and all the occasions needing to display accumulative time.

Main technical parameters:

Counting input mode:

Voltage input: voltage through contact or non contact signals (electrical signals, sensor signals).

Such as: photoelectric switch, proximity switch, etc.

No voltage input type: contact input and no voltage solid state input, collector open NPN transistor.

Power outage is maintained for more than ten years.

Rated supply voltage and counting voltage:

AC 24V, 110V, 220V, DC 6.3V, 12V, 24V

Working voltage range: rated voltage is between 8 and 10%.

Power consumption: 5W

Working environment temperature: 10 ~ +45 C (no condensate)

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