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Electronic time relay

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Scope of application:

JSS11 and JSS11J series time relays adopt programmable microcontroller, LED display, digital key switch, advanced structure, stable performance, wide delay range, low power consumption, high precision, long life, beautiful appearance, easy installation and other notable features, widely used in automatic control circuit, starting circuit, protection and regulation circuit. All delays in the process.

Usage and maintenance:

Before wiring, please make sure that the nominal voltage of the time relay matches the power supply voltage, and wiring correctly according to the wiring diagram.

If the control capacity exceeds the carrying capacity of the time relay, the external intermediate relay shall be driven.

The time relay can't change the setting value at will during the working process. To change the setting value, the power must be disconnected first, otherwise the relay will press the original value.

The setting value completes the control; similarly, the relay must maintain the continuity of the control power supply during operation, and if a break occurs, the relay will

Re start the delay control from the initial state.


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