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Scope of application:

This series of products are widely used in printing machinery, packaging machinery, textile machinery, plastic rubber machinery, wire and cable equipment, pharmaceutical machinery and all production processes need to automatically detect the length of products occasions.

Product holding point:

LK series length measuring transducer is composed of length measuring transmission wheel, length measuring signal receiving and signal output circuit. The transmission wheel can be measured by the reverse friction rolling with the object under test (such as textiles, plastic belts), or by the reverse rolling with the main shaft of the machine under test, and by the combination of gear ratio and photoelectric signal inside the transducer. The actual unit length signal is output to a counter (length counter), which records its cumulative length.

Type specification length unit function feature input power supply voltage

LK-90S 0.1M, 0.01M, 1.0M (when ordered) two-way count, reversible meter length AC220V, DC24V

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