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JDM11, JDMS series of electronic accumulator counter, using low-power integrated circuit, high-brightness LED display, display clear and beautiful; live memory, no mechanical wear, durable. It is widely used in production counting, revolution counting, length counting, frequency counting and so on.

Main technical parameters:

Rated supply voltage: AC 220V, 110V, DC 12V, 24V.

Working voltage range: 80% to 10% of rated voltage.

Power consumption: 3W.

Installation: panel type

Working environment temperature: -10 ~ +50C (no condensate).

Signal input: contact or voltage input timing.

Zero reset mode: automatic (full start after zero start timing). External signal reset, manual reset zero.

Timing unit: see the supply model in detail (or customized according to user requirements).

Battery life: over five years.

Timing error: no more than 1 mantissa.


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