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Model JDMS-30 counting tachometer is mainly used in monochrome and multicolour offset printing machines, and also in packaging machinery, textile machinery, plastic rubber machinery, wire and cable equipment, pharmaceutical machinery and all production processes, the number of products and the speed of the active motor need to be detected occasions. It uses high brightness six bit LED display, counting.

It can check the quantity of products and the speed of the main motor at any time by pressing the F function switch button on the panel.

Main technical parameters:

Reset: manual reset

Speed range: 1800~12700 turn / hour.

Counting frequency: 4 times / sec.

Counting error: no more than one pulse.

Count mode: add count

Counting range: 0~999999

Battery life: over 3 years.

Usage and maintenance:

Please confirm whether the nominal voltage of the counter is in line with the supply voltage before wiring and follow the wiring diagram correctly.

When using proximity switch and photoelectric switch sensor as counting signal source, the voltage input counter (i.e. voltage input count) should be selected, and should be the same as the rated voltage of the sensor. (e.g. when the sensor is AC220V, the selected counter should also be AC220V voltage input type, other specifications and so on.)

The contacts of relays, switches and other signal sources used for input counting of contact signals should be reliable and no strong arcing. If the wrong counting is caused by contact jitter, please connect 1-10UF capacitor at the input of the counting.

No voltage input counter, count input must not input higher than DC30V voltage, otherwise it will damage the counter.


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