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Scope of application and product characteristics:

Digital preset counter can be connected or disconnected according to preset number. It adopts single chip microcomputer program control, digital switch setting, high brightness LED display, counting signal photoelectric clumsy, with strong anti-interference, accurate counting, durable and other characteristics; and with all kinds of sensors such as photoelectric switch, proximity switch, dry reed tube. It is widely used in printing, packaging machinery, textile machinery, plastic and rubber machinery, food machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, photosensitive equipment, wire and cable equipment and other occasions where the number, frequency, length and revolution of automatic detection are required. Automatic counting control.

Main technical parameters:

Rated power supply voltage: AC110V, 220V, DC12V and 24V.

Power consumption: less than 3W.

Reset mode: manual reset, signal input reset and power off reset.

Output relay life: reliable working 500 thousand times under rated load.

Working environment temperature: -10 ~ +50 degree C (no condensate).

Counting error: no more than 1 pulses.

Working voltage range: rated voltage 85-110%

Count input:

1. Pulse Input: Sensor signals, such as photoelectric switches, proximity switches, etc., are implemented from high level to low level, where UH = 5-30V, UL = 0-2V.

2. Contact input: micro-switch, reed, relay contacts, etc., in the case of frequency not exceeding 10HZ.

Usage and maintenance:

Please confirm whether the nominal voltage of the counter is in line with the supply voltage before wiring and follow the wiring diagram correctly.

When using proximity switch and photoelectric switch sensor as counting signal source, the sensor whose rated voltage matches the counter output voltage for sensor should be selected.

The contacts of relays, switches and other signal sources used for input counting of contact signals should be reliable and no strong arcing. If the wrong counting is caused by contact jitter, please connect 1-10UF capacitor at the input of the counting.

The number of input terminals must not input voltage higher than DC30V, otherwise the counter will be damaged.

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