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Application scope of electronic meter

pk_hits:       date:2018-10-26

Electronic meter can be widely used in packaging, printing, pharmaceutical, food, textile, paper, ceramics, petroleum, chemical, metallurgical and other industries for film, cloth, paper, wire length meter display, meter alarm, meter control.

Preset proportional function.

Calibration of meter coefficient.

Preset length, automatic shutdown or alarm.

Decimal point: 0; 0; 0; 0; arbitrary adjustment

Power outage memory: E2PROM memory (power failure for more than 10 years)

Reset mode: panel reset, external reset, automatic reset.

Sensor power supply: DC12V; 100mA

Counting meter meter power supply: AC187-242V-15%+10%; DC12 - 24V.

Protection level: IP54 panel, dust-proof and oil proof.

Matching signal: proximity switch, Holzer switch, photoelectric switch, meter wheel and encoder.

Control output: relay output

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