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Brief introduction of governor

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The governor is used to reduce the nonperiodic speed fluctuation of some machines. It can keep the speed of the machine fixed or near the set value. There are many kinds of speed governors. Tachometer generators or other electronic devices are the most widely used transducers.

The governor can keep the speed of the machine fixed or near the set value. Unlike electric motors, hydraulic turbines, steam turbines, gas turbines and internal combustion engines can not automatically adapt their output torque to their own load changes, so when the load changes, the units driven by them will lose stability. For example, when the feed capacity of the turbine-generator unit suddenly decreases, the resistance moment on the turbine shaft will drop sharply. If the steam intake of the turbine is not regulated in time, the unit will speed up operation, change the generation frequency, and cause damage to the unit. This kind of unit must be equipped with governor, so that it can change with the load and other conditions, at any time to establish the load and energy supply between the adaptive relationship to ensure the normal operation of the unit.

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