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What are the main features of infrared alarms?

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The infrared alarm consists of an alarm system and an infrared detector. Once the detection detects the intrusion, the infrared alarm immediately transmits the wireless code of the alarm intrusion signal to the alarm host. After receiving the alarm signal, the host will immediately start the high-decibel siren scene alarm. The LED on the panel of the infrared alarm main unit displays the alarm zone. The number of roads in the zone is 0-99, which clearly shows the direction of the intrusion. At the same time, the alarm host has functions such as time display, alarm record inquiry, and automatic power on/off.


1. The latest photo-sensing cigarette smoker adopts intelligent chip to effectively sense different types of fire smoke. The internal integrated circuit can analyze the fire mode to avoid human error.

2. Due to the special material and structure of infrared light-sensitive cigarette smoke, it can effectively avoid dust adhesion. The infrared receiving head with anti-electromagnetic interference can effectively eliminate other electronic interference sources in the room.

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