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What is the unique function of the gas alarm?

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Gas alarm is the gas leakage detection alarm instrument. When the flammable or toxic gas leaks in the industrial environment, when the gas alarm detects that the gas concentration reaches the critical point set by the explosion or poisoning alarm, the gas alarm will send an alarm signal to remind the work to take safety measures, the gas alarm It is equivalent to an automatic fire extinguisher, which can drive exhaust, cut off, and spray systems to prevent explosions, fires, and poisoning accidents, thus ensuring safe production. Gas alarms can measure various gas concentrations. It is often used in chemical plants, oil, gas stations, steel plants and other places where there is gas leakage.

Unique features:

The automatic shut-off manipulator automatically closes the main ball valve when the gas alarm occurs. This makes it possible to fully realize the 24-hour alarm alarm function.

1, the new sensor drift automatic compensation function, can drift according to the drift of the sensor, truly prevent false positives and false negatives. Currently the technology is the first in China.

2, alarm fault prompt function, sensor damage automatic prompt so that users can replace and repair, prevent it from being reported.

3, MCU full control, working temperature is -40 degrees to 80 degrees. The robot can be automatically reset, no manual reset, to ensure timely management in the first time


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