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What are the system components of the infrared alarm?

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The dynamic infrared perimeter defense alarm system usually consists of six parts: front-end detection system, on-site alarm system, transmission system, central control system, linkage system and power system.

1. The front-end detection system consists of an active infrared detector and its related accessories. It protects the perimeter wall or guardrail, detects perimeter intrusion, and outputs an alarm signal.

2. The on-site alarm system consists of a field alarm and linkage device. When the detector detects an intrusion, it activates the on-site alarm device to deter illegal intrusion. When a bird (such as a bird or a dove) passes through a protected area, because the volume is small, it cannot block infrared rays or can only block an infrared ray (for dual beam and multi-beam detectors), so the receiving end thinks Normal, no alarm signal is output.

3, transmission system, bus system alarm controller includes signal transmission module and transmission line two parts; multi-line alarm controller, only involved in transmission lines. This part is responsible for the transmission of the detector alarm signal and the transmission of the relevant power source. Considering the length of the perimeter, the characteristics of the system, and the factors such as the expansion and upgrade in the later stage, the signal is mostly transmitted by the bus. In principle, each peripheral zone of the front end needs to be configured with a bus address module for receiving the alarm signal, which passes the system bus and sets the zone address. And alarm information is transmitted to the control center of the control center.


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