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Overview: Basic information about networked alarms:

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The networked alarm is composed of advanced wireless digital remote sensing technology and a microcomputer CPU controller (host). After installing the networked alarm at the precautionary location, set it to the armed state. Once a thief breaks into the precautionary location, the detector immediately transmits a wireless coded signal. The host installed within 120 meters from the defense zone immediately sounds a siren alarm and then transmits it to the platform jump window. An security personnel immediately fires the alarm. The system is sensitive to detection. Strong anti-interference, accurate and reliable alarm, easy installation and operation, it is a practical new type of home/commercial anti-theft product (optional: wireless smoke detector, wireless gas probe, wireless radiation, rolling gate magnetic, wireless emergency) Buttons, signal repeaters, etc.) are generally standard:

SA-1168-E host 1 (with 10 seconds recording) + door magnetic 1 pay + remote control 2 + telephone line 1 + built-in alarm 1 + built-in lithium battery + ordinary power supply 1.

The host is composed of a microcomputer CPU controller (host) and the like.

Wireless reception, high sensitivity, strong anti-interference

Digital coding is not repeated, detection target sensitivity is high

Self-recording 10 seconds voice alarm

Can store 6 groups of phones and mobile phones, call the phone voice alarm

Wireless remote control arming, disarming, emergency alarm

The alarm automatically grabs the line dialing, and the dialing call is received.

Digital double coding, ten thousand households do not interfere with each other

Can be used in conjunction with the connected alarm system

The power supply is AC and DC, and the host has a built-in backup rechargeable lithium battery for automatic switching.

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