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Six principles and explanations for the selection of networked alarms?

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At present, the networked alarms that can be provided in the security market are produced by domestic enterprises as well as products of foreign companies. There are dozens of types. The basic performance and functions of the product can meet the requirements of current security engineering design. In the actual engineering design and specific application, you need to read the product instruction manual in detail, and reasonably select the networked alarm host according to the basic performance, function, after-sales service guarantee and technical support of the product, according to the author's experience in security engineering design and construction. Generally, the following selection principles are mainly considered and followed in the design:

First, the selection of performance indicators and basic functions

A networked alarm device with complete functions and technical indicators that can fully meet the requirements of the user. The basic technical indicators should include: alarm zone capacity (ie input signal capacity), input signal mode, output function, anti-vandal function and alarm situation. Tips, alarms, and controls.

According to the use of networked alarms can be divided into large, medium and small systems. If the security zone has a capacity greater than 64 zones, it is generally called a large system. 64 or less is called a medium-sized system host, and a small system generally refers to a control host below 16 zones.

In the actual engineering design, the designer should reasonably select the warning zone capacity of the networked alarm according to the needs of the engineering application. After the zone capacity is determined, it is also necessary to consider whether the output signal type of the alarm probe selected by you can be consistent with the input signal of the control panel [(open circuit (NC), short circuit (ON) or DC12V)]. After the alarm occurs, the output of the alarm host mainly considers whether there is an alarm zone number display, whether the front-end device (such as light) can be activated, whether it can be linked with the video switching control host, and the image of the alarm monitoring point is quickly switched to Designated on the monitor screen for watch security personnel to observe and record, and quickly make a police decision. The host with the alarm output linkage control port can also link the alarm point image with the recorder or hard disk recording system. It is also necessary to consider whether the withdrawal, arming operation and control of the control panel are simple and intuitive.

Second, the reliability of the network alarm work

Networked alarms, due to the extremely important alert alarm duty task, whether the work of the host itself is reliable, will directly affect the stable operation of the entire system. Therefore, the quality of the networked alarm host itself must be excellent. Otherwise, the constant false positives will make the security personnel exhausted and mentally nervous. What is important is that if the alarm signal is missed, it will make the system a kind of decoration, which will affect the acquisition of the evidence of the police and the timely handling of the alarm. The alarm control equipment selected by the engineering designer must be a well-known brand in the industry and certified by international standards, and products that are stable in many systems.

Third, the qualified products of the regular manufacturers (hosts and accessories must have the 3C certification of the Ministry of Public Security, some manufacturers only have the host certified, accessories are not)

Due to the very strict production management procedures, the regular manufacturers have developed and produced products from scientific research, trial production and production. They are managed by special institutions and put into formal prototypes before production. Relevant experts carry out technical appraisal, and products that have passed the qualifications of the design task book are allowed to be put into production. In the production process, each process has a strict and mature production process, and there are multiple inspection procedures. Raw materials, components and accessories are produced by fixed-point manufacturers or fixed-point purchases. The factory products have undergone aging tests or routine tests one by one.

Fourth, there is a sound quality assurance system

The networked alarm determines its particularity because of the importance of its work and its role in the system. The quality of the product is a very important indicator of its performance. Only the products produced by the ISO9000 quality certification company, its quality assurance system is sound and perfect, and the product quality is guaranteed.

Five, user operation is simple and intuitive to use

The use and operation of the networked alarm device, the program can not be too complicated, otherwise it will bring inconvenience to the user, easily lead to system instability, or even misuse. Therefore, the operation of the alarm host should be as simple, reasonable, practical as possible, all kinds of warnings are clear at a glance, and emergency handling is convenient.

Six, easy to install and debug

The design of a successful networked alarm should consider the convenience of on-site construction and the complexity of the commissioning system. The construction is difficult, the debugging process is cumbersome, and the basic quality of the construction personnel is high. Special training is required to carry out construction and debugging. Otherwise, the system cannot function normally, which will result in unstable system operation and frequent failures. On the contrary, easy to install, system debugging is simple, the professional quality of the construction personnel can not be very high, and can be qualified by general training. Generally speaking, small-scale places use branch-line alarm hosts, such as homes, offices, and villas; large-scale places use bus-based alarm hosts to facilitate wiring, such as office buildings, buildings, factories, etc. If the place has been renovated and does not want to damage the appearance, then select the wireless alarm host. If it is not renovated, you can choose the Shenan wired alarm.

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