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What should be paid attention to when using explosion-proof sound and light alar

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JDSG-2 explosion-proof fire sound and light alarm (referred to as alarm) is a non-coded alarm. It is suitable for installation in an explosive gas environment with IIC (IIB) class T6 temperature group. When an accident occurs at the production site or fire, etc. In the case, the control signal sent by the fire alarm controller activates the sound and light alarm circuit, and emits an audible and visual alarm signal to complete the alarm purpose. The alarm can also be used with the manual alarm button to achieve simple sound and light alarm purposes. The alarm can be used with the fire alarm controller of any manufacturer at home and abroad. The alarm uses a super bright LED tube that is clearly visible 360 degrees.


1, it is strictly forbidden to disassemble in the inflammable and explosive places.

2, do not damage the flameproof surface during installation and keep it clean. The fastening screws of the explosion-proof surface should be evenly tightened. Be careful not to mix foreign objects on the explosion-proof surface.

3, long-term use to regularly check the performance of the alarm is good, such as failure or damage to be repaired by professionals.


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