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Overload relay GL88S

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GL88S electronic overload relay


GL88S intelligent overload relay (hereinafter referred to as relay) is suitable for AC 50Hz, three-phase motor overload, Phase-break protection; can start up time up to 90 seconds of motor protection, the relay using LED digital display, with visual display, easy to use, compact size, easy installation and other obvious advantages.

Main features:

Over current, phase out / blocking protection (overcurrent).

Startup delay and overcurrent delay are set separately; power failure and manual and automatic reset (RESET) are optional.

Shows the primary side current of the transformer, showing that the reading is straightforward and clear without conversion.

Reset button: After the relay operates, cut off the power of the relay or press this button to reset the relay.

The relay comes with two input current transformers. No external transformer is needed for current 5A and below. All specifications of current transformers between 10 and 800A can be selected through the main technical parameters: in-machine menu.

Safe working mode: no voltage release;

Main technical parameters:

Rated power supply voltage: AC220V, +10%, -15%;

Working environment temperature: -10 ~ +45 C;

Output contact capacity: AC240V3A (resistive load);

Power consumption: 240V 50HZ less than 3W

Measurement accuracy: 2.5% of rated current.

Protection setting accuracy: 2.5% of rated current.

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