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GL28S electronic alternating current relay

pk_hits:       date:2018-10-26

Summary: GL28S electronic DC current relay is an upgrade product of mechanical current relay; this product converts the measured current into digital quantity by sampling resistance and A/D conversion circuit, and displays the absorbed current, released current and measured current respectively through three LED digital tubes.

(By dialing the display selector switch), the two comparators in the relay compare the measured current with the setting value of the suction current and the release current respectively. When the measured current is greater than the setting value of the suction current, the relay closes, and the red indicator light on the panel is on; when the measured current is less than the setting value of the release current Relay release.

Two. Functional characteristics:

It can directly adjust the suction current and release current.

By displaying the selector switch, the setting value of the drawing current, the setting value of the releasing current and the measured current can be selected respectively.

Easy installation, compatible with panel and installation.

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