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Main technical parameters:

Rated supply voltage: AC 24V, 110V, 220V, 380V, DC 24V.

Working voltage range: rated voltage 85-110%.

Counting input mode: photoelectric input.

Counting range:

Batch count: 0-999.

Cumulative count: 0-999999.

Work mode: add count.

Counting error: not with 1 counts.

Power consumption: 5W.

Working environment temperature: -10 ~ +50 C without condensate.

Zero reset mode: manual reset.

Maximum count frequency: 60 times / sec.

Output contacts: a group of normally open normally closed.

Output contact capacity: AC220V 7A (resistive).

Interval delay range: 0.01-9.99 seconds.

Battery life: over three years.

Usage and maintenance:

First set the batch number and batch interval time, then turn on the power supply, the counting signal is transmitted by the photoelectric switch input, the batch counter and the cumulative counter count at the same time, when the counting value and the batch counter preset value coincide, the internal implementation of relay suction, output a group of conversion contact signals and a group of 220V power supply, batch refers to When the delay arrives at the preset time, the internal execution relay is released. Like this, the cumulative counter is increased according to the signal transmitted by the photoelectric switch until it reaches 999999, and then counts again from zero. The counting value is maintained by the internal nickel-cadmium battery, and the nickel-cadmium battery is always in the state of automatic charging when the NC controller works. The next boot, if the original stored count value is no longer needed, should be cleared by the batch zero and accumulated zero button.

Note: JDMS-98A type counting control box is new product, set by light touch switch (see instruction manual).


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